We recommend to only spot clean your bean bag. 

If you have to wash it, you'll need to remove the beans from the bean bag cover.

Unzip the bottom zip. These zips are safety zips - you will need a paperclip to slid the zip along to open.

Pull out the attached liner DO NOT UNZIP - leave the liner zipped onto the cover

Tip the beans into the liner from the bean bag cover. Give it a good shake to make sure you remove all the beans from the cover.

Use the ties on the side of the liner to tie up the bag. Unzip the liner from the bean bag cover. put somewhere safe.

We recommend spot cleaning, however you are able to machine wash your bean bag cover.

When your bean bag cover is dry - zip the liner back onto the bean bag cover - untie the liner and tip beans back into the bean bag cover. Put the liner back in the bottom of the bag - zip up the bean bag.