• Creating the Perfect Bedtime Routine for your Little One

    Creating the Perfect Bedtime Routine for your Little One

    Kids are like tiny tornadoes during the day, leaving a trail of toys and giggles in their wake. But when the sun begins to set, it's time to shift gears from playtime to dreamland. A consistent bedtime routine works like a superhero cape, guiding your little ones smoothly into a peaceful slumber.

    A consistent bedtime routine does more than just guarantee an early night for the kiddos – it's the secret ingredient for cultivating healthy, happy, sleep habits. And let's face it – parents need a break too. A bedtime routine not only benefits the kids but gives you a pocket of time to catch your breath, binge-watch your favourite show, or indulge in a guilty pleasure snack.

    A bedtime routine becomes a signal to your child's brain that it's time to wind down. These can help with that much needed wind down period:

    • The Pyjama Parade: Transform bedtime into a fashion show! Let your little ones pick their favourite PJs, whether they're covered in dinosaurs or shooting stars. It's a chance for them to express their personality and get excited about bedtime.

    • Teeth Brushing: Turn tooth brushing into a dance party! Play their favourite tunes and make it a two-minute dance-off to ensure those pearly whites are squeaky clean. Who said dental hygiene can't be fun?

    • Storytime: Reading stories before bed not only helps your little one to enjoy books, but also helps to transport your kids to dreamland. You may even like to have a special spot in which you read. Our bestselling bean bags provide the perfect cosy space to do just that! 

    Reading a book on a beanbag

    • Lullaby: You may not love your singing voice, but your little one finds it pretty special. You may like to pick an easy to remember tune that helps to cue that sleep time is nearing. 

    • Snuggle Station: End the night with a cozy cuddle session. Share a few sweet words, a secret handshake, or just enjoy a warm embrace. It's the perfect way to show your love and relax your child into a dreamy state. 

    • The Perfect Environment: We all know the feeling of climbing into bed with fresh new linen. Little ones love it too! Ensure their beds are soft and snuggly, making them irresistible to climb into. We stock bedding that is made from the highest quality, breathable cotton and spandex blend making them ultra-soft, stretchy, and snuggly. Our designs are also exclusive to e&b co. 

    Quality sleep is essential for growing minds and bodies. A consistent routine ensures that your mini-explorers are well-rested, ready to conquer the adventures of the next day. May your nights be filled with laughter, cuddles, and the joy of a well-rested household.


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  • Nurturing Healthy Eaters: A Guide to Preventing Fussy Eating in Babies and Toddlers

    Nurturing Healthy Eaters: A Guide to Preventing Fussy Eating in Babies and Toddlers
    1. Introduce a Rainbow of Flavours:

    Do: Once your little one has been introduced to solids and you know that their little tummies have adjusted, you can experiment with lots of different flavours by offering a range of first foods.

    Don't: Stick to a limited menu. Variety helps develop a taste for different flavours and textures. However, when introducing a new food, we recommend introducing each one separately, so that it is easy to spot any intolerance to certain foods, should one appear.

    baby first foods
    1. Make Mealtime Positive and Enjoyable:

    Do: Create a pleasant atmosphere during meals. Use silicone feeding sets that are designed for little hands. 

    Don't: Force-feed or make mealtimes stressful. Let your child explore and enjoy the experience.

    1. Be a Role Model:

    Do: Demonstrate healthy eating habits. Children often mimic their parents, so show them the joy of trying new foods. They’ll want to feed themselves at some point to, so provide them with soft suitable utensils.

    Don't: Convey negative feelings about certain foods. Your mini-me is watching your every move and will mimic you. It’s surprising what they pick up just from observing you and your feelings towards certain foods.

    baby trying new food
    1. Gradual Introduction of Textures:

    Do: Gradually introduce various textures, from purees to soft solids, and then progress to more complex textures.

    Don't: Overwhelm your baby with textures they may find challenging. Take it one step at a time.

    avoiding fussy eater
    1. Timing Matters:

    Do: Pay attention to your baby's hunger cues. Introduce solids when they are curious and eager to explore.

    Don't: Force-feed or delay meals. A hungry baby is more likely to be receptive to new foods.

    1. Get Creative with Presentation:

    Do: Experiment with creative presentations of food. Use silicone molds to create fun shapes or arrange foods in an appealing manner.

    Don't: Make mealtimes boring – this is a time to have fun and create enjoyment around food. Engage their senses to make mealtime exciting.

    make food fun for toddlers
    1. Limit Distractions:

    Do: Create a quiet and focused environment during meals. Minimize distractions to help your baby concentrate on eating.

    Don't: Make mealtimes rushed or have other distractions in the vicinity such as a TV. This is a time to give your little one your undivided attention and plan your mealtimes at the same time, to demonstrate the joy of food.

    1. Respect Preferences but Encourage Exploration:

    Do: Respect your child's preferences, but gently encourage trying new foods. Offer choices within a healthy range.

    Don't: Force your child to finish everything on their plate. This can create negative associations with food.

    By following these tips and adopting a patient and positive approach, you can set the stage for a lifetime of healthy eating habits for your little one. Remember, every child is unique, so be flexible and enjoy the journey of introducing your baby to the world of delicious and nutritious foods. With the right strategies, you'll be well on your way to raising a happy and healthy eater.


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  • What are the benefits of swaddling your baby?

    What are the benefits of swaddling your baby?

    I know for certain, that “sleep” is high on any parents’ priority list.  Each day with your little one, is that much easier after catching a few zzzzzz’s, don’t you agree? There is so much information out there on how to help babies to sleep more soundly, it’s hard to know what to try.

    There is however one technique that has been cherished by generations, and that is swaddling. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of swaddling, the proper technique and share our favourite muslin swaddles that make it easy and more importantly, comfortable for your little one to sleep longer.

    What are the benefits of swaddling your baby?

    1. Improved sleep quality

    Swaddling creates a snug environment that mimics the womb, providing comfort and security. This can lead to longer and more restful sleep for your little one.

    1. Reduced startle reflex

    Babies have a natural startle reflex that can disturb their sleep. Swaddling helps dampen this reflex, promoting uninterrupted sleep for both baby and parents.

    How to swaddle your baby – a step by step guide

    1. Before you begin, make sure you have a quality baby muslin swaddle. It’s important to ensure that you use breathable fabric so that your baby stays cosy without overheating. We therefore recommend fabric such as our muslin wraps.
    1. Spread the muslin wrap on a flat surface, forming a diamond shape with one corner pointing towards. You.
    1. Position your baby on the muslin wrap with their shoulders just below the top edge. Fold the left corner over your baby’s body and tuck it under their back.
    1. Fold the bottom corner up, ensuring your baby’s legs have room to move. Tuck the corner into the top fold on their chest.
    1. Bring the right corner of the muslin wrap across your baby’s body, securing it snugly. This will create a safe and cosy wrap.

     What to expect from E and B Co. Baby Muslin Wraps

    • Crafted from premium muslin fabric, our muslin wraps are ideal for everyday use. They are lightweight and breathable to provide maximum comfort for your baby.
    • Our muslin wraps are gorgeously soft, made from 70% bamboo and 30% cotton.
    • They are machine washable and quick to dry, so no problem if you have frequent spills.
    • For eco-conscious parents, this organic cotton muslin swaddle ensures a gentle touch on your baby's sensitive skin. Soft, sustainable, and stylish!
    • Adorable patterns and prints that are designed right here in NZ. Our designs are exclusive to E&B co, so you won’t see these everywhere!

    Swaddling is a timeless technique that not only promotes better sleep but also provides a sense of security for your precious little one. Our muslin wraps are the perfect size to swaddle your baby for a sound and undisturbed sleep.  They are pre-washed and ready for use as soon as they arrive.

    Your hardest decision is choosing from our gorgeous signature designs, made right here in NZ.

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  • How to Add Instant Style to Your Child’s Room

    Your home is a haven. Especially for your child.

     You want it to be a place they can escape, explore, and enjoy –– a place of play, learning, and rest.

     One of the most inspiring ways you can accomplish this is decorating and designing their room for relaxation, style, and creativity!

     Decorating Your Child’s Room 

    • The Essentials 

    You only need the essentials: A soft, warm bed, a comfy, cosy chair to relax in, and a play or learning corner. Make it extra special by letting your child help pick them out. 

    • Creating a Stylish Colour Palette 

    Aim for pastel colours mixed with stylish neutrals to bring sunshine and softness into the space: a nice warm hug after a day of school or play. 

    • Finding the Perfect Balance of Fun & Comfort

     Don’t be afraid to be creative! Add a fun feature or element that your kid will love. Our current favourite trend? The bean bag chair. 

    Bean Bag Chairs for Children 

    Bean bag chairs provide the perfect balance of cool comfort and laid-back fun. Whether reading their favourite storybook or snoozing after a long day of growing up, bean bag chairs can welcome them home to their own personal haven.

     The Best Beanbags for Kids: A Guide to Styling Your Child’s Room

    At e & b co, we create soft and stylish bean bags for kids ages 1-10! They’re the perfect way to add instant style to any room. To help you find the perfect one for your mini-me, here’s a guide to our cosy beanbags: 


    Hansel Beanbag: For the child who loves hugs and cuddles.



    Holly Beanbag: For the one who radiates sunshine and rainbows.



    Willow Beanbag: For the soft, gentle flower child.



    Florian Green & Florian Cream Beanbags:

    For the child who loves spending their afternoons picking wildflowers.



    Cream Dinosaurs & Dinosaurs Blue Beanbags:

    For the future palaeontologist with a big imagination and an even bigger heart.




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