Your new bean bag doesn't come with beans. You will need to purchase these separately. We do not stock beans as a product.

You can purchase beans from retailers like: The Warehouse - K Mart - Eco Beans.


Unzip the bottom zip. These zips are safety zips - you will need a paperclip to slid the zip along to open


Pull out the attached liner and unzip the liner from the bean bag cover with your paperclip


You will need up to two people here. Hold open the bean bag cover over a bath - gently pour the desired amount of beans into the bean bag cover. DO NOT OVER FILL


When you have your desired amount of beans in the bean bag cover, zip the liner back onto the bean bag cover and put the liner back into the cover.


Zip up the bean bag cover with your paperclip - VOLIA you are done, time to get comfy and enjoy your new bean bag!